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Company Profile

Al Jattal is specialized in manufacturing of plastic disposable products.
The company has a facility in New Industrial area Qatar equipped with latest technology and state of the art machinery from Europe and Asia.
We follow international production standards, with special emphasis on health, Safety, hygiene and clean work environment.
We constantly seek to improve our standards and spur growth through new product technology and process. We give paramount importance to customer satisfaction by delivering Quality products at an attractive price.

Professional work environment

A Professional and healthy workplace environment is one of the main goal of our company resultant leading super professional services to our clients. we make sure our employees 100% love their job and to be more creative, productive and optimized.

Customized Products

We manufacture plastic containers for a variety of applications, food storage, food packaging for commercial and domestic use. Our products are customizable and can be printed according to the needs of the customer.


Our Employees are Well trained, qualified and experts manufacturing plastic disposable products from new designs to complete collections.
Every single manufacturing process done in Al Jattal has been defined according to the most exigent international eco compatible standards


At Al Jattal, project-management activity implemented as part of the procurement process in order to secure the quality and timely delivery of goods. Our team monitors and controls the progress of manufacturing with a view to ensuring that the required goods arrive at the agreed location on time.